VizieR Online Data Catalog: OB stars in N206 in the LMC (Ramachandran+, 2018)

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The presented study is largely based on spectroscopic data obtained with the Fiber Large Array Multi-Element Spectrograph (FLAMES) at ESO-VLT. Accounting for a typical color excess of E(B-V)~0.1-0.2mag, implying an extinction of AV~0.3-0.6mag, we targeted the blue hot stars (i.e., with spectral subtypes earlier than B2V) by selecting all sources with B-V<0.20mag and V<16mag. Therefore, for spectral types later than B2V our sample is incomplete. Apart from this, a few blue stars in the dense parts of the region were missed because the allocation of the Medusa fibers is constrained by the physical size of the fiber buttons. More details of the observations and the data reduction are given in Paper I (Ramachandran et al., 2018A&A…609A…7R). (3 data files).

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